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Solution implementation & integration


Litech’s service offerings fall into four areas: Business Advisory, Analytics, Integration, and Solutions. Litech delivers these offerings across a wide range of industries, combining our ability to match business-focused and process-orientated skills with expert understanding of the underlying business intelligence toolsets and what works for different clients. Whilst we deliver world class global solutions, our intention is always to meet the client where they are in terms of technological maturity. Thus we strive to deliver business intelligent solutions that are relevant and cater for the clients current requirements in a scalable and practical manner. We endeavor to follow a no-nonsense approach to delivering rapid and practical business solutions to our clients. Our AcceleratorTM component gives Litech the edge by allowing us to quickly and easily implement our offerings without the need to start from scratch.
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Business Advisory

  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Quality Management
  • Reporting
  • Training




  • System Integration
  • Business to Technology Integration
  • Process Integration


  • Internationally recognized software solutions
  • Proudly South African local software/systems
  • Licensing for recommended products


  • PMO in a BOXTM
  • SAP Templates
  • Pre-configured delivery teams comprised of the relevant Business and Technology expertise
  • Pre-configured software based on industry
  • Business and Technology Documentation templates

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